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                  Road Lamp
                  Pole Lamp
                  Garden Lamp
                  Lawn Lamp
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                Pengcheng  Lamps  and  lanterns  Plant  is  a  specialized enterprise to  produce  the road lighting lamps with a long history. It is an earlier one is the area of east China. This factory has paid attention to the quality of products with its aim-"Quality is life of enterprise." It enjoys a high prestige in market.

                Our factory has strong force and a complete  set  of equipment .Its  products include all kinds of lighting lamps, such as  road lamps. pole  headlights,  courtyard  lamps. lawn  lamps, etc.  Pengcheng Lamps and  Lanterns  Plant will maker efforts to  develop the lamp trade for lighting industry of 21-century and maker a great contribution to the world people.

                Sincerely and warmly welcome all old and new friends at home and abroad. Your patronage is appreciated.

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